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Taking your pet abroad: Here is what you should know

Moving abroad doesn’t mean farewell to your furry friend. Emigrating with your pets in tow is becoming increasingly easier, as pet removal products, services and companies evolve. But, be warned, the cost of relocating a beloved pet isn’t always straightforward or cheap. Halo Financial investigates.
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Going home: Why move back to Australia and New Zealand?

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With the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, many Australian and New Zealand citizens in the UK are considering moving back home. Following the popular Going Home seminars from the Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, Halo Financial considers reasons for returning and how to make a smooth move.
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Top tips for expats returning to the UK

Returning to the UK after living abroad for some time? There’s an awful lot for expats to sort out – including finance, property, healthcare, education and much more. To help, Halo Financial has provided some handy hints on sorting out some important issues that you are likely to face on your return.

Immigration vital for Ireland’s economic growth

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Ireland says immigrants are the country’s most important source of new employees and has a positive effect on property prices, but a no deal Brexit is a major risk to the economy.

Third time unlucky for Theresa May over Brexit vote

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MPs have again ruled out Theresa May’s Brexit deal – on the day the UK was supposed to leave the European Union. It was a case of third time unlucky, as MPs voted against the Prime Minister’s ‘blind Brexit’ withdrawal proposal by 344 votes to 286 - a majority of 58.

Paris still one of most expensive cities in the world

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Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore are the most expensive cities in the world in which to live and to visit, according to a new survey.

Theresa May seeks Brexit delay

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UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, is requesting an extension of Article 50 from 29th March to at least 30th June, 2019. But at what economic and political costs for Britain?

Which countries are the healthiest? Canada and Spain battle it out to lead global wellness

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Canada and Spain have been named the healthiest countries in the world, according to recent reports measuring key indicators of wellness and lifestyle satisfaction across the citizens of the different countries. Who are the real winners?

Britons don’t allow Brexit to delay their dreams

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Resilient Britons are shrugging off Brexit and are not being deterred from continuing with their dreams and major life choices

European expats move mostly within Europe

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When Europeans move to new cities, they mostly stay within Europe, a new quality of living survey shows. In fact, all the top 20 rankings in the 2019 Most Liveable Locations for European Expatriates are cities in Europe. We take a look at the top expatriate cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.