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What you need to know when buying a property in the USA in 2020

Since the turn of the decade, the country’s economy has steadily recovered from the darkest days of the credit crunch, property prices throughout the county have started to climb consistently.

11 things you really need to know about Airbnb in 2020

It’s a decade since online short-term rental agency Airbnb was founded, revolutionising the sector. Here Halo Financial explores how property owners around the world have benefited and how home exchange is also becoming popular for those looking to sample life in new countries.
Britain flag and EU flag painted on a paper house hanging on a rope, symbolising Brexit impact on overseas property.

How will Brexit impact overseas property owners and buyers in 2020?

What will happen to Brits who own a home in another EU member state in the result of a Brexit? 
Luxury House in Mallorca, Spain ( Balearic Islands )

Top hotspots and tips to buy a property in Spain in 2020

Are you planning to buy property in Europe for a holiday home, lifestyle change, or as an investment in 2020? Here are Halo Financial’s Top 12 predictions for European property hotspots in 2020, including favourites with British property buyers, France, Spain and Portugal. Which is your top choice?
Sunset View with Mount St Helens from deck of luxury homes in Happy Valley Oregon in Clackamas County

What Brexit means for international property buyers

The effects of the UK leaving the EU, especially Brexit and international property, are still being debated. Peter Robinson, CEO of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), discusses the implications for overseas property buyers and those who are emigrating with Halo Financial
A house in the middle of the snow with a beautiful view of a mountain

Where to buy property in Europe 2020

Welcome to Halo Financial’s latest review of the best places to buy property in Europe. Now we are in a new decade, it’s time to look again at some European property hotspots and pick out some top tips for the best places to buy European property.

Paris still one of most expensive cities in the world

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Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore are the most expensive cities in the world in which to live and to visit, according to a new survey.

Which countries are the healthiest? Canada and Spain battle it out to lead global wellness

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Canada and Spain have been named the healthiest countries in the world, according to recent reports measuring key indicators of wellness and lifestyle satisfaction across the citizens of the different countries. Who are the real winners?

Britons don’t allow Brexit to delay their dreams

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Resilient Britons are shrugging off Brexit and are not being deterred from continuing with their dreams and major life choices

European expats move mostly within Europe

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When Europeans move to new cities, they mostly stay within Europe, a new quality of living survey shows. In fact, all the top 20 rankings in the 2019 Most Liveable Locations for European Expatriates are cities in Europe. We take a look at the top expatriate cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.