How studying abroad will help you boost your career prospects

After the impact of the Coronavirus, no one really needs any excuse to fly abroad but have you ever thought of studying abroad to gain a world-class education?  

There are many personal and academic benefits to studying abroad, but the decision comes with financial and personal considerations. How will you fund your time overseas and where will you choose to study?   

If you love the idea of studying abroad but are not sure if it’s the right decision for you, we recommend you explore the reasons why so many students choose to study abroad every year.  

With over 5 million students enrolled in higher education outside of their home country, you are not alone. So, could studying abroad work for you? We walk you through the benefits of how studying in a foreign country could positively impact your life and future career.  

Cross-cultural experience 

Choosing to move abroad means you immerse yourself in a new culture and way of living. Not everyone is comfortable working in an international environment or with people from different international backgrounds. Although this may be challenging to start with, pushing yourself to study abroad will increase your awareness and appreciation to diversity. You will soon notice your self-confidence and independence flourish at a faster rate which will be a tremendous asset to your career.  

Although we may become familiar with foreign countries when we visit for holidays, living and visiting a country are completely different. When studying in a foreign country, you will pick up local knowledge such as the local foods, history, and customs.  

Improve your network and meet new people 

 You will be exposed to a range of different people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, all developing your interpersonal skills. Universities abroad provide plenty of opportunity to meet new people, you’ll have access to societies and sports teams where you will meet likeminded people as yourself.  

 Alongside meeting new friends and acquaintances, studying abroad will open new networking opportunities which go beyond your home countries national borders. While you may become friends with these new connections, they may also support your career development and enhance your professional relationships in the future. 

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Learn or improve your language skills to create employment opportunities 

 Whether you speak a second language or are trying to learn, there is an increased demand for people who can bridge the gap between one language and another.  

 Being fluent in two languages or more gives you a competitive edge in job interviews. Today, businesses worldwide are investing in staff with language capabilities that will enable them to break into new foreign markets.  

 Many international students go onto to apply for work visas once they have finished their university course.  The personal skills you develop while studying abroad is often appealing to employers as you have demonstrated the ability to successfully step out of your comfort zone and experience a new global outlook.  

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Further study possibilities  

Once you have finished your course abroad, you may consider higher education. Studying abroad helps improve and boost your application. Having studied in a foreign country means you will have gained international connections and ideas, which are often appealing to universities looking for master’s and PhD students. 

Convinced yet? Now that you have seen some of the main benefits studying abroad can have to your career development, is time to begin the journey. Look at some of our emigration guides to research some of the most popular destinations of choice.  

How can Halo Financial help with your studying abroad plans? 

For over a decade Halo Financial has assisted thousands of people with their move overseas, meaning we have a thorough understanding of the process you are going through – and exactly how we can help you during your journey. Having helped students move to Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise through our partners to assist you through our partners to assist you with your relocation and the conversion of your money to another currency and its movement to your new destination. 

As well as helping you manage your finances while studying abroad, we also work with a number of trusted partners who specialise in university admissions, visa applications and removal companies.  

 Get in touch with Halo Financial today to see how we can help. 

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